Catering at Notley

Catering at Notley

All food premises, retail of industrial within the council parameters are rated using the “scores on the doors” methods. A rating is given between one and five, five being the highest. This is then displayed on the "Scores on the Doors" website.

The Catering Department at Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form consists of a team of fifteen staff headed by Nicola Thurman the Catering Manager. Nicola has worked at the school since 1998 and is proactive in producing the high standards of service of which the school is justifiably proud.

Please feel free to contact Nicola if you have any issues and concerns regarding the catering at the school.

Due to poor up take on dinners available on a daily basis we are trialling this term new hot alternatives. We have jacket potatoes with a selection of three different fillings. A choice of three different flavours of hot pasta, three different choices of Panini and a daily grab and go with different choices of grilled chicken and 100% sausages or beef burgers again 100%. 

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