Cross-Curricular Learning

Cross-Curricular Learning

Our cross-curricular learning days (called Impact Days) are opportunities for students to develop their personal, learning and thinking skills and develop the attributes and skills identified in the leaves on the school’s Teaching and Learning Tree.

In recent years we have had a rich programme across the school including: 

  • Year 7 working together in tutor groups with the focus on tribes.   
  • Year 8 focusing on fair trade and human rights. 
  • Year 9 having sessions to help them to understand different GCSE options. 
  • Year 10 looking at becoming more resilient learners and built shelters! 
  • Year 11 having a diverse range of activities with the focus on post-16 provision which included many outside providers in addition to Braintree Sixth Form.

The days have been great success, the feel around the school has been very positive and the attitudes to learning across the school were exemplary.

The students and staff really enjoy these days and are allowed to see the students in a different environment than they usually do on a day to day basis.