PE Promotional Videos

You see, this is what happens when you give the PE department a video camera and editing software!


Hot on the heels of the Sports Day promotional videos came a four minute epic from the studios of 20th Century Cunningham. Special mention has to go to the students and staff who helped out and in certain cases combined trampolining and football into an entirley new sport.

Oh, and watch out for Ms Spenceley demonstrating her severe amount of skills.

Sports Day

Notley High School's Sports Day takes place in July each year. Rather than this simply being about the "sporty" students in the school, we make sure that students with many other talents get involved to produce the event.

In 2010 we produced a series of adverts promoting the event that showed off the acting "talents" of several members of staff from different departments (click the videos to play). 

Geeks Included


English Teachers Included


Historians Included


Learning Support Included


Management Included


Mathematicians Included


PE Included (and Showing Off!)


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