Uniform Policy

Our school uniform is changing from September 2017. Please do not order any items until our uniform policy is updated.Notley High School Uniforms

School Uniform

The wearing of full school uniform is expected as an integral part of the school ethos which promotes positive attitudes, high standards and a sense of personal pride. In our view, for a school uniform to be successful it must be:-

1. UNIFORM and not open to various interpretations




Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform as listed below.

Blazer Black blazer. School badge attached to the blazer (badge is embroidered with year colour and school logo). Students will be given their enamel House pin badge which must be worn on their blazer lapel at all times. If lost, replacement badges will cost £2.
Pullover Long sleeved ‘V’ neck black pullover, school logo preferred.
Skirt Plain black straight or A line skirt. Knee length*.  Skirts must not be tight fitting, denim, cord or lycra material. 
*This has been amended – a split is now permitted.
Trousers Plain black tailored trousers. The trousers must have a hem and not be frayed or have a wide or narrow bottom. Trousers should not be denim, cord, lycra material or hipster style. The bottom of trousers should sit on the shoe and not cling to the leg
Blouse/Shirt Girls - White shirt-type blouse with plain, undecorated collar. Not polo or lycra style. Boys - Plain white shirt - not polo shirt.
Shoes Plain black shoes (not open toe design, trainers, pump or canvas shoes, no stilettos, mules or sling backs, a proper heel not greater than 4cm - no coloured laces or stitching). Trainers are only allowed if accompanied by a doctor’s note. Please note boots are not allowed. A Kickers style shoe is permitted but lacing and stitches should be black.
Socks/Tights Girls - Plain white or dark socks or tights in black or natural/skin tone. Boys - Plain white or dark socks.
Tie Green stripe for Years 7, 8 and 9. White stripe for Years 10 and 11. The top button must be fastened and the tie knot placed at the collar of the shirt. 
Belts Only plain black belts are acceptable.
Craft apron and an old shirt for Art.
Most forms of sensible outdoor coats (preferably dark in colour and waterproof) are acceptable.  Casual leisure wear is not regarded as suitable for school. Sweatshirts or hoodies of any description do not qualify as coats and are not acceptable.
Jewellery One wrist watch is acceptable. Please note, students are not permitted to wear or use Apple watches (or similar Smartwatches) in school. Students with pierced ears will be allowed to wear two plain gold/silver small studs or small sleepers, one in the lobe of each ear. Diamanté, crystals, gemstones or other decorative styles are not acceptable. Plain gold or silver sleepers must be small enough to not allow a 5p piece to pass through them (a maximum of one per ear). The stud/sleeper is to be placed in the earlobe. Nose studs, other jewellery, piercings and badges are not allowed. Items that are not acceptable will be confiscated until the end of the half term when they can be collected from Student Services.
Hair Students having long hair must fasten it back in laboratories and practical rooms and for PE. Extreme hairstyles will not be tolerated. (No hair shorter than number 2, no shapes cut into hair, no unnatural colours or unnatural combinations). Hair may be worn in small plaits where little scalp is visible provided the whole head of hair is plaited. Plaited hair must be fastened at the back. The school reserves the right to make the final decision on what constitutes an extreme hairstyle.
Make-up Students are not allowed to wear make-up in Years 7, 8 and 9. Discreet make-up is permitted in Years 10 and 11. Nail varnish or false nails are not allowed.

In recent years, we have moved away from uniform having to be bought only from specific suppliers with the NHS logo, as we felt that this constituted an unnecessary expense for parents and carers. We need and value your support as there is quite a variety of black skirts, trousers and shoes available that do not meet our criteria which your son or daughter may much prefer to wear and pressurise you to buy. We would point out to all parents/carers that the one item of dress which has caused the biggest number of headaches is shoes. Please would parents/carers insist on proper black leather or leather look shoes and not trainers. The Health Council would fully support this as well. There is a uniform grant scheme. Evidence of receipt of a qualifying benefit and evidence of the exceptional circumstances will be required with a completed application form (details of appropriate evidence are listed on the application form). Please contact the Education Transport and Awards team on 0845 603 2200 or email educationawards@essex.gov.uk.

Compulsory Kit    Optional PE Kit Extras
Red Vapour Polo Shirt   Black Cuatro track pants
Black Milan Shorts   Black Amazon rain jacket
Black Coolmax Socks   Black Thermal base layer
Boys: Red Pro-Tec Rugby Shirt
Girls: Red Cuatro Fleece
  Gum shield: We recommend a gum shield fitted by a dentist.

All uniform, including PE kit, can be acquired via Sportswear International’s website www.swi.co.uk

Our school uniform is changing from September 2017. Please do not order any items until our uniform policy is updated.

PE Information

Notley High School Uniforms - Sport

If your child is selected to represent the school at a tournament or a fixture, a text message or email with the details will be sent home prior to the event. We ask that students who are unable to play speak to the relevant teacher at least 24 hours before the game explaining why. If a student is injured and is unable to take part in the PE lesson the teacher will need to see a note in the student planner from the parent/carer stating what the injury is and how long they are likely to be out. The student will be expected to bring their PE kit to the lesson and change for the lesson – the ONLY exception to this is broken limbs. Students will be encouraged to ‘try’ to take part in the lesson. If your child suffers from asthma, please remind them that they must have their inhaler with them for all PE lessons – staff do not carry inhalers with them!

Throughout the year the weather plays a large part in the PE lessons that we teach. Students have one indoor and one outdoor lesson per week. Students will go outside for their outdoor lessons – wind, rain or shine - and should dress accordingly. We would encourage students to wear warm clothing under their PE kit.  Long sleeve t-shirts are acceptable, providing the top layer is the Notley PE kit. If a student wears a ‘base layer’ with their short sleeve t-shirt it must be the same colour as their polo-shirt. Students are not allowed to wear tights or leggings for PE lessons, but can wear plain black tracksuit trousers. When the weather is particularly cold and wet, students are encouraged to bring a towel and a change of underwear as it is likely the lesson will be outside. Students should always prepare for their lesson to be outside.

Students must have appropriate trainers, meaning no Converse or canvas trainers are worn by any students for any PE lessons. When students are outside on the field, they are encouraged to wear football boots or boots with studs. Jewellery is not permitted during any PE lesson for health and safety reasons, and we take this guidance from all national governing bodies. Students will be asked to remove any earrings and jewellery that they may be wearing. For this reason we advise that any ear piercings take place at the start of the school holidays so as earrings can be removed during PE lessons.

We do lock the changing rooms during PE lessons – however we cannot guarantee the safety and security of valuables. For this reason we would advise students not to bring anything of value into school on the days that they have PE.

If your child is selected to represent the school at a tournament or a fixture, a text message or email with the details will be sent home prior to the event. We ask that students who are unable to play speak to the relevant teacher at least 24 hours before the game explaining why.

GCSE Dance

Students are expected to wear the Notley GCSE Dance hoodie, the Notley black turtle neck top, plain black jazz trousers/leggings, and ballet/jazz shoes.

The hooded sweatshirts will have a Notley GCSE Dance logo printed on the front and your child’s Christian name on the back. Students can choose which colour hoodie they wish to purchase.

Dance Direct supply black jazz trousers or suitable opaque leggings, as well as ballet/jazz shoes online. Their website is www.dancedirect.com

Uniform Cards

Each term, students are given a Uniform Card. This is used to record any uniform infringements, such as having an untucked shirt, wearing jewellery or wearing trainers without permission. Out of lesson infringements can also be recorded on the cards by any member of staff or Year 11 prefect. Examples of such infringements may be running in the corridors or being rude to a member of canteen staff. Six infringements in any one term will result in a uniform detention. If your child were to reach 18 signatures, we would organise a school-based meeting to discuss our concerns and ask you to work with us to support your child in being appropriately prepared for school and demonstrate appropriate attitudes to learning. Please encourage your child to take pride in their appearance with a positive attitude to learning – they should aim to have no signatures on their card at the end of each term.

* Required equipment = pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener and appropriate books, PE kit, ingredients for
design & technology and a calculator for mathematics.

Uniform Exchange

We encourage parents/carers to donate good quality secondhand uniform to the school. You can buy items for a nominal fee.  Any enquiries, please contact Student Services on 01376 556300.

Our school uniform is changing from September 2017. Please do not order any items until our uniform policy is updated.

If you wish to contact the person responsible for this page, please email helen.thomson@notleyhigh.com