Art Curriculum Overview 2015-16

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year

Year 7

Throughout the curriculum in Key Stage 3, students will focus on the development of their creative skills by exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques. They will investigate the work of artists and designers from the past and present. In order to further develop their ideas students will learn to analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others. Students are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

In Year 7 students will draw from first hand observation, memory and imagination. They will learn about ways to use the elements of art and focus on colour theory. Students will learn how to use different techniques such as painting and printmaking. They will investigate the work of artists including the work of ancient peoples such as the Australian aborigines.

Year 8

In Year 8 students will focus on the use of pattern and texture. They will study natural and manmade objects and develop work using techniques such as painting, printmaking and clay work. Students will learn about the art produced by people from other cultures, such as Islamic, Chinese or African peoples.

Year 9

In Year 9, students will focus on ‘Personal Perspectives’ learning about ways that the elements of art can be used to show ideas and express feelings. They will learn how to create an illusion of space in their work using perspective. Pieces will be created using techniques such as painting, clay and mixed media. Students will learn about some of the styles of modern art such as Pop Art and Surrealism.

Year 10

Students in Key Stage 4 will prepare for their GCSEs in either Fine Art or Graphic Communication. They will develop their ideas by investigating the work of artists and designers, recording from observation and researching widely. There will be opportunities to visit London galleries. Students will experiment using a wide range of media. They will make detailed changes to improve their work before developing a final outcome.

At the beginning of their year 10 course students will complete a ‘mini foundation’ in order to experiment with new processes and techniques. Students will then develop work based on the theme of Still Life. They will visit a museum and gallery to research the work of artists and designers. Students will experiment with traditional media such as acrylic paint, watercolour, oil pastel, chalk, charcoal, pen and ink and clay as well as digital media. In the second unit they will produce a response to the theme of landscape.

Year 11

In the third unit students will produce a piece of work as a response to the theme of ‘Self Image’. They will begin their research and observational drawings during the summer holiday. Trips to the major London collections and local galleries are encouraged. Students will continue to experiment and develop their skills using different media working towards a final outcome in either 2D or 3D. Students will begin to prepare for their GCSE exam during the Spring term and produce a final piece under exam conditions during the first half of the summer term.

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