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  • Food & Textiles Technology

    Food & Textiles Technology

The department benefits from a suite of specialised classrooms to support the Food and Textiles Technology curriculum.

In Food Technology, students study the nutritional and social needs of groups and individuals; and develop appropriate dishes to meet these needs. A wide range of equipment is used in the preparation, cooking and storing of food, enabling students to learn safe and skilled cooking techniques.

From exemplar dishes such as pasta bake, rustic pizza, and Thai chicken curry, students use their creativity, along with attention to dietary requirements, to develop their own exciting “twists” on classic recipes. This leads to a final opportunity to showcase these skills in an extended practical session at the end of Key Stage 4, when students cook three distinct dishes, with accompaniments, under timed and controlled conditions.

In Textiles Technology, students respond to design briefs by developing original fashion and textiles products to meet the aesthetic and functional needs they identify.

Taking inspiration from themes that interest them, as well as the work of other designers, they explore design possibilities before planning the production of these innovative items. A wide range of specialist textiles equipment is available to ensure manufacturing of the highest standard can be achieved as each student’s skill level develops throughout their years of study.