Labour Market Information (LMI)

Labour Market Information (LMI)

The term ‘labour market’ is used to refer to the interactions between those in need of labour (such as employers), and those who can supply labour (such as employees). The labour market is in a constant state of change as it responds to the needs of employers, who in turn respond to influences in the wider environment. Many things can affect the labour market. For example, the closure or opening of a single company can have a huge impact at local level.

By knowing and understanding the current labour market, people are more likely to be able to:

  • make informed choices about choosing an occupation
  • identify the best sources of training and education
  • check out trends in a particular sector or geographical area
  • conduct a focused job search.

The attached document gives a recent reflection of the current labour market and provides regional information about:

  • levels of employment and unemployment
  • average income
  • average working hours
  • productivity
  • growth
  • sectors


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