There is a cafeteria system with snacks, meals and drinks all separately priced. A cashless catering system was introduced in January 2009, based on fingerprint recognition technology. The system works by taking measurements of the fingerprints, although a complete image is not captured. This means that the original fingerprint cannot be reconstructed from the data.

There are two reval machines installed that can be used to check  balances only; these are linked to the server controlling the system.  Payments can be made via ParentPay using credit or debit cards or PayPoint cards which can be ordered by the school. If your child is entitled to free meals the dining staff will know and allow your child to pass through the checkout without question.

Sandwiches may be brought in to be eaten only in the Food Hall or at the picnic tables provided.

There are a variety of clubs and activities during the lunch break which your child will be encouraged to join.

Students are expected to remain on the school premises throughout the lunch break unless they have lunch at home. Parents/carers should request a Lunch Pass Form to be completed and returned to the Head of House for consideration. Passes will only be issued to students who are going home. We would ask parents/carers to support us in making sure that students are either in school or at home. During the lunch break there are senior midday supervisors (teachers) on duty.

Should your child leave his/her packed lunch (or any other item for school) at home, you may leave it at Reception for collection. If this is not possible, they should see their Head of House.

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