Miss Stanley braves the stocks for charity!

During the academic year 2017 – 2018, students of Notley High School & Braintree Sixth raised over £5,000 for charity.

Years 7 – 11

Each House had chosen a charity, and students pulled together to give generously to the cause. Two events in particular stand out as big fundraisers, and they were the fashion show, organised by Jack Jordan, and the student vs staff cricket match when ex-students returned to support and play in honour of their friend, Jake Whiteside.  There was also a Christmas fayre, organised by Franklin, where tutor groups worked well together to run stalls during their lunch break, and a summer fayre, where the most popular stalls were the smoothie stall and the face glitter stall. Parks organised penny wars and Mrs Forster dressed up as a penguin (on the hottest day of the year!) and these also made a lot of money as people gave away their loose change. The student council were instrumental in helping plan, organise and run these events, and it is great to see such a motivated group of students.

Years 12 – 13

Braintree Sixth Form students helped raise money for several charities. The sixth form students actively took part in the Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children, and the took part in activities for Sport Relief to help contribute to the overall total the whole school managed to raise. In addition to these, the sixth form students raised money to support NAT (World Aids Day). This was achieved following an assembly from the Assistant Headteacher – KS5, where awareness and understanding about the cause were shown and money was then raised through the sale of ribbons, which the students could display to show their support. Also, money was raised for the Young Minds charity. Every year, in the lead up to Christmas, the sixth form students run an enterprise fair where students are grouped into small companies and they must make and sell a product to try and raise a profit.  A Christmas fair was held and Year 7 students were invited along to buy the products. Where a company make a profit, they can decide if they wish to donate any to charity. Last year one company decided to donate all their profits to Young Minds.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students involved in the various fundraising events last year, building an understanding of and supporting the wider community is an important part of the sixth form ethos, so we look forward to being able to raise more money for charities during this year.

Here is a list of charities that were supported, and the sums raised from a variety of events last year:

Farleigh Hospice £408.86 School performance of Cinderella
Save the Children £1,055.17 Christmas Jumper Day
Sport Relief £1,411.20 Non-uniform day
UNICEF £30.00 Soccer Aid football event
Hope House Essex £514.10 Jack Jordan - fashion show
Hope House Essex £344.26 Cavell House fundraising
PARC £289.92 Franklin House fundraising
Essex Search & Rescue £378.02 Parks House fundraising
RSPCA Danaher Animal Home £395.52 Turing House fundraising
Wipe Away those Tears £763.46 Winton House fundraising
NAT (World Aids Day) £21.00 Braintree Sixth Form fundraising
Young Minds £28.20 Braintree Sixth Form enterprise - Ben Coulson
Grand Total £5,639.71  

For the academic year 2018 – 2019, we have a series of events scheduled, to continue raising money to support other charities.

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