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  • Curriculum Policy
    Curriculum Policy

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form will prepare its students to lead a fulfilling life by:

  • building resilience;
  • developing aspirations;
  • nurturing talents;
  • promoting positive life choices;
  • and stimulating curiosity about the world around them.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive:

  • supporting the development of knowledge to ensure that all students achieve their personal best:
    • excellent progress is made regardless of starting points or barriers to learning;
    • content is systematically revisited and builds on prior knowledge;
    • higher order thinking and challenge characterises learning experiences.
  • providing the skills to apply and transfer knowledge to different contexts:
    • reading, vocabulary acquisition & cultural capital underpin subject specific content;
    • metacognition, resilience and independence deepen knowledge acquisition.
  • preparing students for the next stages in their development:
    • extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities extend personal development;
    • the curriculum represents and responds to the local context.

Curriculum Implementation

Through Personal Development

  • Resilience
  • ATL reports
  • Academic Mentoring
  • PDT lessons and SMSC opportunities
  • Careers opportunities

Through Enrichment

  • Pledge Passport
  • KS5 Enrichment
  • Clubs & sporting events
  • HPQ & EPQ
  • House competitions & activities

Through Teaching, Learning & Assessment:

  • Reviewing material: daily, weekly & monthly review;
  • Questioning: ask questions & check student understanding;
  • Sequencing concepts and modelling: new material in small steps, provide models, scaffold for difficult tasks;
  • Stages of practice: guiding student practice, obtain high success rate, independent practice.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of the school’s curriculum is measured through:

  • Outcomes at GSCE & A Level
  • High levels of engagement measured in Attitude to Learning (ATL) grades
  • Participation in enrichment and extra-curricular activities as captured in Pledge Passport
  • Destinations Data
  • Attendance data & Behaviour Logs
  • Progress towards Gatsby Benchmarks