Curriculum Policy


Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form ensures that a broad and balanced curriculum is provided to its students.

The curriculum is designed to provide all students with an education that is:

  • Broad

Providing  experience in a wide range of subjects and a variety of settings, employing a range of teaching and learning styles.

  • Balanced

Devoting an appropriate amount of time to each subject, but allowing students a degree of control over their own education.

  • Relevant

Building upon the experiences of each individual and enabling then to make sense of the world around them so that they are able to develop confidence and independence.

  • Personalised

Ensuring each student is provided with the experiences, challenges and support necessary to reach their potential and celebrate their achievements.

This document should be read in conjunction with other relevant school policies including:

  • Teaching and Learning Policy
  • Assessment, Marking and Reporting Policy
  • Sex and Realationship Education Policy
  • Able and Talented Policy
  • Literacy Policy
  • Numeracy Policy

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