English & Media Faculty Overview

English & Media Faculty Overview

The English & Media Faculty has a team of highly qualified specialist teachers of English and Media. There is a Faculty Leader and a number of other colleagues with responsibility for leading aspects of the English & Media curriculum.

In English, at Key Stage 3 and 4 all students have 6 or 7 hours of English per fortnight. There is mixed ability teaching throughout the school. GCSE results are significantly above the national average, especially for students achieving 5+ and 7+ in both English Language and Literature.

GCSE Media Studies is offered as an additional option in Year 10 and has produced outstanding results in recent years, achieving well above national average for the subject.

English & Media are both offered at Key Stage 5. Braintree Sixth Form has a Subject Group Leader responsible for English & Media. English Literature, English Literature and Language, and Media Studies can be studied at A2 level.

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