English Curriculum Overview 2018

Year 7   

Throughout the curriculum in Key Stage 3, students will focus on the development of their skills in reading and writing. They will have the opportunity to appreciate a wide range of texts, from non-fiction to media forms and literature. Specific choices of text will vary from group to group,and from year to year, to meet the needs of each student.

Students will begin by reading a novel as a class, teasing out inferences and responding to the text in different ways. Throughout the rest of the year, they will develop their reading, writing and communication skills through exploring a whole range of texts and ideas, from the gothic, to sci-fi, Myths and Legends, as well as pantomime and performance.

Year 8

Students will continue to hone their skills in a variety of different ways, by studying a range of text types and writing styles throughout the year. Here, they will again study a novel to begin, then will go on to explore war literature and non-fiction pieces, a Shakespeare play and adventure and suspense.
Year 9

Students will begin to explore more difficult texts and audiences this year, building on their skills from previous years but beginning to apply them to GCSE texts. Students will start with a novel, then move on having the opportunity to work on their speaking and listening with the Jack Petchey speak out challenge and language analysis in preparation for their move into KS4. They will also have the opportunity to explore Dystopian writing before moving on to looking at GCSE style poetry and finally, they will study the Crucible to round off KS3.

Year 10

Students in Key Stage 4 will prepare for their GCSEs and follow a dual entry English Language and English Literature course. All will read a range of texts that span the 18th to the 21st centuries, including those from the English Literary Heritage and non-fiction. They will develop their skills as writers, speakers and listeners. In the first year of their GCSE course students will focus on reading and writing non-fiction for their Language GCSE and study the play ‘An Inspector Calls,’ and all students will study ‘Sign of the Four’ for their Literature GCSE.  They will also study and analyse poetry by contemporary and heritage poets for their Literature GCSE. The entire course is assessed through External Assessments at the end of the two years of study.  Throughout the two years students will therefore sit a number of practice assessments to prepare and develop the essential skills of planning, accuracy and proof-reading.
Year 11

In the second year, in addition to revising the material studied in Y10, students will also study the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’ for their Literature exam. They will also continue to develop their written skills for the exams for both Literature and the Language. All students will complete a Spoken Language presentation which will be assessed as a separate qualification.
English students will sit their Literature and Language exams in the summer of Y11.  All examinations are closed book.

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