Media Studies Curriculum Overview 2018

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year

Year 10

Students examine the influence of the mass media upon themselves and different groups of people. Through examining how the media work, they also learn how to create their own media texts and evaluate their success. Students learn to look at the world in a new way and realise how much they are manipulated by the media.

Through the studying the media students learn about some of the following media industries in our society: television; film; radio; popular music; newspapers; magazines and advertising. They also learn practical skills such as the effects of different camera shots; writing copy using appropriate media language and using Adobe Photoshop to design media texts.

In analysing the media, learners will:

  • demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking and analysis
  • analyse and compare how media products construct and communicate meaning and generate intended interpretations and responses
  • respond through discursive writing to show knowledge and understanding of media issues
  • use specialist subject-specific terminology appropriately.

In creating a media production, learners will:

  • develop practical and decision-making skills
  • apply knowledge and understanding of media language and representation to a media production
  • use media language to express and communicate meaning to an intended audience.

Year 11 

Students focus on the examination element of the course. They analyse the assigned area of the media and prepare to write analytical essays. They learn about the social, political, historical and economic contexts of the examination texts. Students learn how to read moving image texts.

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