Geography - Introduction

Geography - Introduction

The aims of the Geography Department are:

  • To contribute to a balanced education, specifically in the areas of social, economic, cultural, aesthetic, geographical and spatial issues
  • To promote skills of graphic communication appropriate to the subject
  • To promote awareness of geographical and social influences
  • To allow students the opportunity to make decisions and solve problems relating to human activity
  • To encourage responsible behaviour through students working individually and together

Geographical learning:

  • To promote a sense of place and a knowledge and understanding of relative location, at a variety of scales
  • To develop an awareness of the characteristics and distribution of a selection of contrasting physical and human environments
  • To develop an understanding of processes affecting the development of both physical and human environments
  • To promote an understanding of the spatial effects of the ways in which people interact with each other and with their environment
  • To create an awareness of the significance of change in the earth's surface and the dynamic nature of patterns and relationships
  • To encourage an understanding of different communities and cultures within our own society and elsewhere in the world

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