History - Introduction

History - Introduction

History concerns time past and the analysis of evidence about human behaviour and situations. It provides one of the fundamental ways in which a society transmits its cultural heritage from one generation to the next. Students will obtain a knowledge of their heritage and of the skills and concepts that will allow them to interpret history in a critical fashion. These historical methods are relevant to other areas of the curriculum, thus contributing to the general personal development of students.

The aims of the History Department are:

  • To stimulate interest in and enthusiasm about the past and provide a sound basis for further study
  • To help students understand the prevailing world situation and the range of value systems encountered in the light of past events
  • To assist students in developing an understanding of and tolerance towards other races, cultures and beliefs, both past and present

Historical learning:

  • To encourage an understanding of cause and consequence, change and continuity and change and progress
  • To develop an understanding of primary and secondary evidence and the ability to interpret it in order to: comprehend evidence and place it in context; analyse evidence, distinguish between fact, opinion and judgement, and reach conclusions based on evidence
  • To develop essential study skills such as the ability to locate, organise and record information, and proficiency in oral and written communication

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