History Curriculum Overview 2018-19

Year 7

Autumn term:

·         History Skill; using sources, chronology, how to research

Spring term:

·         Living and working in the Middle Ages

·         Study of selected medieval monarchs

Summer term:

·         The Tudors

Year 8

Autumn term:

·         The English Civil War

Spring term:

·         The British Empire

·         The French Revolution

Summer term:

·         Georgian England

·         The Industrial Revolution

Year 9

Autumn term:

·         World War One

·         The failure of peace

Spring term:

·         Disasters of the 20th Century

·         The changing nature of British society in the 20th century

Summer term:

·         The Holocaust

·         Modern Warfare

·         Case study of Germany after WW1

 Year 10

·         The Cold War

·         Anglo-Saxon and Norman England

·         Medicine & Treatment c1250 to date

 Year 11

·         Crime and Punishment and the historic environment - Whitechapel

·         Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939

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