Literacy Policy

Aims and Intentions

  • Develop literacy skills in students so that they can access a range of texts and interact effectively in a variety of situations through written and verbal communication.
  • Ensure that students see literacy as central to personal expression and participation in society and culture.
  • Foster a love of literacy alongside the promotion of life-long learning.


  • All teaching staff at Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form are committed to raising standards of literacy due to an understanding of the following:
  • Improved literacy skills can have a positive impact on students’ self-esteem, motivation and behaviour. If students can access texts, they can engage with tasks, activities and can approach their learning with greater independence.
  • The increased value of literacy in the world of work. As literacy skills become increasingly important in the workplace, employers place greater emphasis on such key skills.
  • Competent readers can access information that enables them to go beyond their own everyday experiences. This enables them to make sense of and relate to situations and societies beyond their immediate experience.
  • Developing speaking and listening builds confident communicators and active listeners. Oracy skills are vital in the workplace and can enable students to express themselves within a range of contexts.
  • Students need a broad vocabulary, analytical skills and effective written and verbal communication to cope with the cognitive demands of their subjects.

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