ICT Curriculum Overview 2018

Year 10 and 11 IT

Cambridge National Information Technologies Level 1 and 2

Students may study IT as an option in Years 10 and 11.

  • The phases of the project life cycle and the interaction and iteration between the phases;
  • A range of planning tools and suitability of use;
  • Using SWOT analysis and SMART targets;
  • How to mitigate risks in the planning stage of a project;
  • How to test a solution effectively;
  • The difference between data and information, their uses, collection and storage;
  • Malware and social engineering threats and how to mitigate these;
  • Cyber security attacks and prevention methods;
  • Current relevant IT legislation;
  • How to create, edit, delete and process data using appropriate software tools and techniques including using spreadsheet software;


  • Database software, relational databases, validation, creating complex queries, creating report, importing and exporting data and applying security measures;
  • Justifying the appropriate use of software;
  • Create and share documents effectively using appropriate presentation tools and techniques;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of solutions;
  • Complete a controlled assessment task using the project life cycle and including the use the spreadsheet and database software and the choice if appropriate software to plan, present and evaluate the task components.

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