Spanish Curriculum Overview 2018-19

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year

Year 7

Listos 1
Module 1: Personal details: name/ age/ birthday/ classroom objects/ pencil case.
Module 2: Describing where you live/your family/physical description / pets
Module 3: Giving opinions about your school subjects/describing school day and your school/telling the time.
Module 4: Describing your house/your bedroom/your routine.

Year 8

Set 1 and 2
Listos 1 and 2
Module 5 L1: Describing places in your town/describing your town and Spanish towns/weather.
Module 6 L1: Talking about hobbies at the weekend/ meeting up with friends.
Module 1 L2: Personality/family with comparisons / buying presents.
Module 2 L2: Food/shops/buying food.
Set 2 extra module.

Year 9

Listos 2
Module 3: Clothes and shopping.
Module 4: Tourism/describing holidays/using past / present / future tenses.
Module 5: Films/ invitations/ past events.
Plus GCSE bridging course after Easter

Year 10

Listos 3
Identity and culture which includes family and relationships, marriage and partnerships, new technology and social media and free time activities.Local, national, international and global areas of interest which covers social issues such as healthy living and global issues such as the environment

Year 11

Topic area 4 Travel and the wider world – one speaking and writing controlled assessment.
4a Holidays and exchanges.
4b Environmental, cultural and social issues.
Topic area 5 Education and work – one speaking and writing controlled assessment.
5a School life in the UK and in the target language country or community.
5b Work experience, future study and jobs, working abroad.

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