Activities Week: 10 – 14 May 2010

Tuesday, 04 May 2010.

From May 10th-14th it will beActivities Week at Notley!

This year will be the first year that Notley High has held an activities week, which focuses on developing personal, learning and thinking skills and will involve every student in the school. For the entire week, timetables are collapsed and students have the opportunity to experience a whole range of activities from enterprise to French boules, from Quidditch to personal safety training. Below is an overview of the week.


Monday – Wednesday

A rotation of three enrichment days focusing on developing Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills

Students will be organised into "vertical tutor groups" of around 20 for the first four days. These will include about 5 students from each year group from 7 to 10.

Some students will be selected to work with staff running the days so that they have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and others will form a reporter group with Mr Burrows.

Enterprise day will involve pupils working in teams to come up with an idea for a particular product using Science, Maths and Technology.

Creativity day will be focusing on a word and trying to come up with a way of representing that word. There will be guest speakers and an assembly to start the day.There will then be a number of staff who you can use as resources to help guide you to your own solution to the word.The staff will not tell you the answers, they will only question you as to how YOU think it could be done.You will be told the word on the day.

Team Building Day will involve students working together on a range of challenges and activities. We have an outdoor centre called ‘Stubbers’ who are providing activities such as a mobile climbing wall, archery, land rafting and other team building activities.

Thursday - School Celebration

P1 -2: A range of 45 activities led by staff on areas of personal interest and linked to Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills. So far these include crazy golf, ultimate Frisbee, backgammon, French boules, backgammon, cards, dress making, puppet making, vegetable muffins and a lot more.

P3-4 It’s a knockout

The PE department are organising a competition for the best groups from each of the team building days. The other groups will watch the competition, in a similar way to sports day.

P5 – An assembly celebrating everything which has been achieved so far in Activities Week – including looking at the best work from the Creativity and Enterprise Day and a news report on the week so far.

Friday – Citizenship Day

Year 7: Live Well Day

The day is going to be a mixture of practical activities and lessons that will give you the chance to try something new and think about how you can be a positive member of the community.


  • Team building and Problem solving
  • Bhangra dance and drumming workshop
  • Drama - How to be part of a community
  • Judo – keeping fit and looking after yourself
Y8 – Global Development Day

The day is going to continue on the theme that you have been working in your tutor time lessons. You will focus on international issues like fair trade, the environment and disaster management


  • Constructing a shelter for a disaster zone
  • Art workshop with a cultural theme
  • The trading game
  • The role of International Organisations in helping developing countries
  • Dance and drama workshop
Y9 – Health & Relationships Day

Y10 – Further education day with workshops run by Braintree College and Braintree Sixth Form