Anti-bullying Website Launched

Friday, 24 April 2009.
Anti-bullying Website Launched

Students worried about bullying, drugs and other issues can now report incidents online.


We are the first school in Essex to become part of a nationwide online anti-bullying and information sharing network. The SHARP System - or School Help Advice Reporting Page - allows pupils to provide confidential and anonymous information about any incidents they feel unable to talk about face-to-face. It will be reported to the school, and if appropriate, PC Anna Collins, the safer schools partnership officer.

The website also has information for pupils, parents and residents about issues that may affect young people such as bullying, alcohol, drugs and hate crime.

PC Collins said: “School is about learning and growing, both academically and as a young person. I very much hope that the introduction of the SHARP System will provide a safe area for young people to share information that may be troubling or distracting them, so that we can work together to find solutions.”

Assistant headteacher Rachel Kelly added: “SHARP is a powerful communication tool where we can send the messages we want to give to young people in our community and across the UK. Increasingly issues such as bullying, health, community issues, weapons and hate crime affect schools and this site will serve to support all members of our community.”

Any device capable of sending a email can be used to access the website, including mobile phones, hand-held computers, and Sky TV.

It is accessible from the School home page