Art Masterclass

Tuesday, 26 January 2010.
Art Masterclass

On Saturday 16th, an exciting Art Masterclass took place at Notley, along with other Gifted and Talented events. 

The Masterclass focused on expressive artwork, and how there are many different ways to create effective and striking pieces of art. Students were focusing on the work of Vicki Orenstein, a professional artist, who talked to the students and led the Masterclass. The thing that made this Masterclass different from all the rest was that no conventional methods were used. Bubble wrap, string, even hands were used to create very original pieces of art that used anything but the paintbrush.

The students really enjoyed the time spent at the course, and Ms. Monro said: "The students loved the time they had at the Masterclass, and they will clearly benefit from the skills learnt. We will definitely consider putting on this Masterclass again."

This Masterclass has proved to be invaluable for the students, as it has improved their creativity greatly. The aim of the Masterclass was to show that there are more ways to create art than you might think.

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