Bronze Duke of Edinburgh : Assessment Weekend

Monday, 18 October 2010.
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh : Assessment Weekend

As we prepare to relax during half term, there are a group of students who definitely deserve a well earned rest.  As the weekend of 16 – 17th October saw thirty one year 10 students complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Assessment weekend.


All thirty one students covered over 30K by foot, carrying all their provisions on their backs.  We were lucky to have bright sunshine for the entire weekend and a crisp feel to the air.  Having already completed training days in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk and a practice weekend in the local area the teams had bonded well and were ready for the challenge that lay ahead of them.  Every single student demonstrated excellent determination, commitment and teamwork and persevered to complete the weekend.

As leaders Mr. Burge and I are really proud of each member of the group.  Everyone challenged themselves and behaved with respect for each other and their surroundings.  Their map work had improved from the practice weekend and they conducted themselves with real maturity and responsibility.  We are now looking forward to working with the students to compete their sections of volunteering, skill and physical and presenting their award to them!

A special thank you to Mr. Greybrook for assessing the weekend and to Miss Shephard, Mr. Vosper, Mr. Wishart, Mr. Higgon and Mr. Yeates for supporting us.

Miss Bonny