Emilia Kordaszewska

Friday, 13 January 2017.
Emilia Kordaszewska

Yesterday was Emilia and her mother’s funeral. One of Emilia’s tutors, who attended, wrote this. It seems fitting to share it with our whole community and beyond.

Rest in Peace, Emilia.

Today I went to the funeral of an 11 year old girl. She died in such tragic circumstances but there is no perspective to this: there is no right there is only wrong. It is wrong that Emilia is no longer with us. It is wrong that her mother died alongside her. It is wrong that her dad and her sister now have to face a life without the two people they treasured the most. It is wrong that her best friends have to face grief at such a young age.

At the funeral they talked about the pain of the goodbye that you had no way of knowing would be the last goodbye.

But they also talked about the way Emilia’s laugh rang throughout the house, they talked about her courage and her kindness and her smile. They said she wanted to change the world and she did. And I will vouch for that. Emilia’s smile lit up our tutor room and we are blessed to have known her and to have felt her kindness. She changed our world for the better. She was beautiful inside and out. When the students at school talk about Emilia they do so with a smile on their face because they remember her with love.

She had a big heart and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in and she was changing the world, one beautiful, honest and open smile at a time.

Emilia – rest in peace, your courage and your smile will be remembered.

Mrs V Weitz, tutor