Final weeks for Tesco vouchers!

Friday, 30 April 2010.
Final weeks for Tesco vouchers!
We have had a great response to both Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s voucher. We are still collecting both so please keep sending them in!


Tesco vouchers are only available until 9 May but we have until the end of May to send them off. Every single voucher will go towards buying some great equipment for all the students to benefit from. Equipment is available under the following headings ICT, sports and health, green schools, basic skills and creativity. We plan to buy equipment from each of these categories, should we get enough vouchers!

Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers

Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers are available until 8 June and allow us to buy cooking and PE equipment for the school and have bought us some great equipment in the past. Each voucher is greatly appreciated, and with your help we're hoping to get lots of equipment and experiences for the students of Notley High School this year.

You'll receive one voucher for every £10 spent at any main Sainsbury's store or £5 spent in Sainsbury's Locals. Vouchers can be collected at petrol stations too and when you shop for groceries online. Nectar points can also be converted into vouchers – visit for details.