Football - Alec vs Notley High

Thursday, 30 September 2010.
Football - Alec vs Notley High

On Wednesday 22nd September, Notley High School’s girl’s, years 7 to 11, played against Alec Hunter’s girl’s, years 7 to 11.

While the Notley girls were doing their warm up, Miss. Shepard quoted: ‘This is the first game of the season and I am really happy to have lots of girls joining. I hope it will be a good game.’

When the game had started I got a prediction of the final score from Sabina Massida. She thought it would be 2:2. As the game got near to half-time, Notley High scored but then Alec got their own back when they scored twice.

After half time, Notley scored again. Just as the game was coming to an end, Alec scored.

In the end the final score was 3:2 to Alec Hunter’s girls. We are very proud of all the girls who took part.