Free Books for Year 7 Students

Thursday, 08 December 2016.
Free Books for Year 7 Students
There has been a great buzz in the library this term, thanks to the “Book Buzz Scheme”. Much excitement has been had by every student in Year 7 who, thanks to specialist funding from the Senior Leadership Team, were able to choose a free book as a Christmas present from the school. 

This is our fourth year of running this event and it has been really successful. During their library sessions, Year 7 had the opportunity to choose a book, free of charge, via the Book Trust Book Buzz reading scheme. There was a fantastic selection to choose from, everything from the thrilling prize winning novel “The Lie Tree” by Frances Hardinge to Michal Morpurgo’s “Eagle in the Snow” an extraordinary story of the man who could have stopped World War Two, a beautiful moral thriller from one of the world’s favourite storytellers. 

The top three books selected by students were the hilarious and Blue Peter Award winning “Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon” by Pamela Butchart, “My brother is a Superhero” by David Solomons” and the action-packed “River of Ink” by Helen Dennis. Once all the students had chosen a book the orders were compiled and sent to Book Buzz. The books arrived at the end of November and are being delivered to all the Year 7 classes during their last library session of the term, just in time for a Christmas treat. Students will be using the books in their English and library lessons over the course of the New Year. We hope they enjoy them.

A thank you once again to Mrs Simkins for all her hard work in helping students to choose their books and a special mention to our team of student librarians who had the task of sorting all the books into the correct classes to ensure that every student got the book they chose. It was hard work, so well done!