GCSEpod Subscription

A revision and independent learning resource for Year 10 and 11 students

Thursday, 20 October 2016.
GCSEpod Subscription
We have been able to renew our subscription this year to GCSEpod, an online resource bank of more than 5000 audiovisual podcasts which cover the vast majority of GCSEs subjects. 

We hope this resource will prove helpful in supporting students' independent work and revision as they prepare for GCSE exams. A link to 'Get Started' information is attached, but for any student in Year 10 and 11 who is not sure how to log in, instructions are below. Any student who has forgotten their login should speak to their tutor in the first instance. 

  1. Go to www.gcsepod.com and click “login”
  2. Click NEW HERE? GET STARTED. Select “Pupil”. 
  3. Enter your name, date of birth and type in the name of your school. Your school should appear in a dropdown list. Click on your school in this list to confirm it.
  4. Select a username, password, and a password hint to help you remember your password. 
  5. Select the subjects you study. 

We are enormously grateful to a number of parents who have made donations which have allowed us to renew the subscription; if you would like to donate £5 and have not done so, this can be done via ParentPay or by sending cash or a cheque into the Trips box in Student Services, in an envelope marked with your child's name.