George Errington - Jack Petchey Winner April 2017

Tuesday, 09 May 2017.
George Errington - Jack Petchey Winner April 2017
George Errington’s Head of House nominated him for the Jack Petchey award for his admirable courage and friendship.

George’s close friend was diagnosed with a brain tumour last July. George was an incredible friend to him in many ways.
In March 2017, George and some other students decided to shave their heads in order to raise awareness for the charity that had supported Jake. When it came to crunch time, only George and his friend Billy were courageous enough to go ahead with the challenge.

The boys held an event at school and had their heads shaved publically as their way of showing support to Jake. They raised £2,377 for the charity, Wipe Away Those Tears, and this money will go towards helping other children to be given the opportunity to live a life as normal as possible.

Well done George!