Guardian School Trip

Wednesday, 09 June 2010.
Guardian School Trip

On Friday 28th May, selected students in top-set English were given the opportunity to visit the Guardian News and Media Education Centre in London. 

The trip saw students take on the role as journalists to report on fresh news stories and create professional looking newspapers. The trip has been highly praised by students for the excellent facilities and resources provided by the Guardian.

Those participating in the session had to work to a schedule like a real journalist, and were given a talk about journalistic techniques before tackling the behemoth of a task. It was also led expertly by Jan Trott who gave useful tips and hints of how to make the newspaper the best it could be.

Emily Gibney, who went on the trip says: "The trip was very interesting as you learnt how to use new software and got a taste for a day in the life of a journalist." This opinion was shared by many other students, who all agreed that the trip was well worth it. In fact, it has even inspired students to pursue journalism as a career. So, to conclude, the trip was thoroughly enjoyed!

From: The Journalism Club