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  • Potential Ski Trip in 2024

    Potential Ski Trip in 2024

Article Date: 12 January 2023

Article Date: 12 January 2023

Hi everyone – Geek (Mr Rowe) here. Long time – no ski!

I’m looking to gauge potential demand for the return of our annual ski trip to Austria in February 2024. At this stage I’m only canvasing for an expression of interest before I snowplough on with the mountain of paperwork involved in getting these things across the finish line.

I’ll stop the skiing puns now.

I’ve had an initial quote from Michelle at SET (who we’ve been with more years than I can count) and the current ballpark is somewhere around £1100-£1200 per person. I can’t be more specific about the cost at this stage, as it would depend on how many students eventually come on the trip. The cost would include 6 days skiing, including coach travel, full board, skis, boots and pole hire, lift passes and 6 hours tuition a day.

My intention would be to open the trip to our current Year 7-10 students, together with current Year 6 students who would become our Year 7 students in September 2023.

Previous skiing experience isn’t necessary as full tuition will be provided. However, we would strongly suggest complete beginners take 2-3 dry slope lessons before the trip just to get the very basics. Without this they might spend the first day or so on the practice slopes looking at a lovely view of a car park.

Also, don’t worry about not knowing anyone on the trip. By the time everyone has fallen over a few times, they’ll have plenty in common and will make new friends.

If you think this is something you might be interested in, could you please an email clearly marked SKI TRIP 2004 to

and let me know? As I said, it’s just to get an idea of potential numbers at this stage to assess the viability of organising a trip.

Thanks very much.

Geek out.

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