Prom 2010

Wednesday, 19 May 2010.
Prom 2010

Glitz, glamour and gowns, it was all going on at the Notley High School Prom on Wednesday night!


You can tune in to the video of the arrivals now by clicking on the following link

The footage will be on our mediaserver to view 24/7 so enjoy! (you may need to skip ahead a bit to the action as the footage isn't edited yet!)

The photos are on both the prom site ( and our main school site - please use the main site for a few days to take the pressure of the poor old prom server which can't cope with 1300 staff and students all trying to see the photos at the same time!

A massive thank you to Tayma Spensley, Tim Smith, Jess Eyles, Yasmin McKenzie and Liam Eyles who did a sterling job taking photos and video all night, and to Gary Abbott for the loan of his camera equipment - really appreciated!