Research Symposium at Eton College

Monday, 18 July 2016.
Research Symposium at Eton College
On Monday 4 July, Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form were represented at Eton College to participate in a symposium to discuss the role of research in schools.

We were invited to attend this event as a result of our continuing work in this area.  We have established a culture of action research in recent years at Notley with all classroom-based staff investigating an aspect of teaching and learning to enhance student achievement through their professional development.  

The symposium began with an introduction from Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester who spoke about the importance of teachers trying to understand how learning takes place in their classrooms and the importance of developing networks to share expertise across schools.  Other contributors included Philippa Cordingley, Chief Executive of CUREE, an internationally acknowledged expert in evidence-based practice all sectors of education and Laela Adamson who has been working as a researcher in residence at City of London School for Girls to support the school’s teacher-research programme.  Both Philippa and Laela were able to share the benefits and challenges of enquiry-based practice and embedding research in schools. 

The day provided an opportunity for Notley to share the work we have been doing with other schools, academics and organisations and to hear about other approaches which we will be able to consider to help us further develop our action research programme for staff at our school in the future.  It is hoped that this symposium held at Eton College will be the first event of an emerging research network offering support to us.  The next event is planned for the Institute of Education in London in the autumn. 

Mr R Newman 
Senior Deputy Headteacher