Science Master Classes

Tuesday, 15 December 2009.
Science Master Classes

As part of our Technology Specialism we hold Master classes for students from other schools. 

This is really beneficial for those students, especially primary school students as they do not have access to the specialist equipment and staff that we are lucky to have here at Notley High.

The most recent Mater class was held on Tuesday 17 November and was attended by Year 6 pupils from all of our feeder schools.  The pupils enthusiastically used data-loggers, which have been purposely bought for use with primary schools, to measure the effect of concentration on rate of reaction. The session was summed up with a quiz on the interactive Qwizdom handsets. All pupils enjoyed the challenge of a demanding practical and fun was had by all.

This was the first Year 6 Science Master class this year, a feature that ran regularly last year. A special thanks to Mrs Simpson for her preparation and assistance.