Spelling Bee

Thursday, 11 February 2016.
Spelling Bee
On Tuesday 8 February 2016, 33 students took part in the school round of the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee competition in their chosen language of French or Spanish.

The aim of the competition is for the students to listen to words from a given list in English, then translate into their language of choice and spell it using that languageā€™s alphabet. The winner is the student who scores the highest number of words in one minute. All students had 100 words to learn for this round. Many have shown true dedication and have been practising regularly and attending the club on Wednesday lunchtimes.  

Fae Cassidy 7O, Grace Reid 7S and Hannah Bishop 7S have succeeded in getting through to the regional round which will take place at the Voyager Academy in Peterborough on Wednesday 27 April 2016. Hearty congratulations to the girls on their success and a huge well done to all students that took part in the school round. We wish our finalists good luck for the next round.

Miss Rabhi
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher