The Zapp! Machine

Monday, 10 March 2008.
The Zapp! Machine

Recently 12 brave Year 10 pupils volunteered to take on the challenge of becoming entrepreneurs and running their own business within the school.


With a contract with Britvic and support from Dream Radio and Barclays, we are now well on our way to success.

The idea is to open a vending machine within the canteen selling “Healthy but Tasty” drinks. The drinks supplied will include Really Wild Drinks, Fruit Shoots and possibly J2Os. These will all be supplied by Britvic.

We have received a grant of £2000 to cover the cost of the business after winning a competition for the best business idea organised by Dream Radio.  The money has been provided by Barclays Bank.  There will be a broadcast on Tuesday 2 April at 8.20 am on Dream Radio 107.7 fm.

A website is currently under construction so you keep up-to-date with Zapp! and the team.

We hope to get everything up and running soon after Easter.

By J.Eyles and M.Davey