Visiting Bradbury House Elderly Peoples Home

Tuesday, 15 December 2009.
Visiting Bradbury House Elderly Peoples Home

Visiting Bradbury House Elderly Peoples Home


In order to deliver our community liaison and life skills programme I have had the pleasure of taking a small group of pupils from the SLC to the above elderly peoples home to assist with their activity afternoon on Tuesdays.

I did not foresee how rewarding and enjoyable this was going to be for the students and residents alike.

We have played games with residents, have interviewed staff about their different jobs and the students have increased their knowledge about how people used to live many years ago.

The relationship between both has developed immensely to the point where we all really look forward to the visits.

All the pupils involved have written thank you letters to staff and individual residents thanking them.  They in turn received sweets and an invitation to their bonfire party on November 5th.

The superintendent of Bradbury House has found our visit very beneficial to the residents and she has seen improvements in their behaviour and interaction.

Miss Langley- Speech and Language Department