Watch the School Prom 2008!

Monday, 12 May 2008.
Watch the School Prom 2008!

A spectacular night once again at Notley as our school outdid the Sex and the City premiere for glitz! You can watch the (unedited) footage of the arrivals by clicking the link below.


Mr Rowe and Mr Walker and currently editing down the 3000+ (no exaggeration) photos taken on the night into something more manageable! However, you can check out a rough first edit of the photos by clicking the links below - these will be updated throughout the day so check back often!

Arrivals - click here

Inside the Marquee - click here

Outside the Marquee - click here

Studio Shots - click here

Remember this is only a first edit - there is lots of duplication and the photos need colour correcting but we thought you'd want to see them quickly - eh year 11!? ;-)

Thanks go to Tom Dawtry and Alex Abbott for helping take photos and video the proceedings, Alex's dad for the loan of an extra DSlr camera and Sound Attak in Colchester for the loan of yet another extra DSlr.