Wind Band at St Mary’s Church Bocking

Saturday, 06 March 2010.
Wind Band at St Mary’s Church Bocking

On Saturday 6 March the Wind Band performed at St Mary’s Church in Bocking. We were asked by Mrs Comfort, one of the schools governors, if we could perform in the church to help raise money for church funds.


This was our second concert of the week and we had been very busy preparing for the concert which required an hour of music – 16 pieces!  Due to needing such a wide variety of music, it was necessary to use some of last years’ repertoire of pieces that we recorded on our last CD in June last year.

Highlights of the concert included “Somewhere Out There”; “Flashdance”; A selection of music from “Moulin Rouge” and our huge challenge of “Music” by John Miles. 

The concert was very demanding with both the extensive selection of music to be performed and also physically demanding, with high levels of stamina required from both the band and myself.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable concert which was well received from our audience.  The band has been highly praised with both their performance and professional attitude.

My sincere thanks go to everyone involved in the concert for all their hard work and dedication in producing such a high quality concert.

Mrs Hanna, Head of Music.