Year 11 Prom

Monday, 15 May 2006.
Year 11 Prom

We beat all records this year to show you the footage from our Year 11 Prom! You can see the (as yet unedited) video by logging on to our Multimedia server. If you are outside school the address and login information is*:
username: guest
password: prom2006


If you are in school, the link is http://mediaserver (no login required)
Type the word “Prom” into the search box and press enter.

Update Friday 18th: I have now added all the galleries of photographs for you view - the Arrivals Group shots. , The Meal and Dancing! Enjoy!* Note to those logging in from outside school - please turn down the connection speed used by Media Player to stop it “green-screening”- right click the video, choose “options”, click the option “Choose connection speed”, and select “DSL/Cable (384kps) – you then need to refresh the page.)