Children In Need

Published: Thursday, 22 November 2007.
Children In Need

On Friday 16th November the school took part in Children in Need. Each year group had a different theme for each of the different days of that week.

In Year 8 the students were set a challenge, that if they could raise £250 in a week from bringing in any spare change, then the Year 8 team would dress up in school uniform on Friday 16th November..

They did this comfortably, so as promised, the Year 8 team dressed up and were issued uniform cards like the students have. If any student would like to sign their teachers card, they had to pay 20p for the privilege!

This event proved a huge success with many staff filling their cards and now they have to serve a detention on Thursday 29th November. Students can pay 50p to watch this detention, again raising money for children in need.

There were other events held that week including an aerobics session, kindly provided by xpect and students kindly brought in cakes which were then sold at break time. Other events were over 50 students taking part in various sponsored events. The grand total for Year 8 stands at £883.51 which is an amazing achievement.

A huge thanks go to all concerned raising so much money for such a good cause.

Well Done

Mr Ferguson

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