Dungeons and Dragons Workshop

Published: Wednesday, 13 March 2019.
Dungeons and Dragons Workshop

We recently ran a Dungeons and Dragons workshop to help students improve their game play. Here is a review from a few of our Dungeon Masters:-

The Dungeons and Dragons Workshop took place recently. The specialist, Ben, taught us how to effectively make a character. After we had finished designing our characters, Miss Wallace and Mrs Roper provided us with some lovely pizza and garlic bread. We played through a short campaign named The Frozen Tomb Of Queen Wallachay. Although we were slightly over our time limit, we defeated the evil Ice Queen Wallachay and the players left with expanded knowledge of the game, as well as smiles on their faces. It also provided tips for the DMs (Dungeon Masters); we believe that those who attended will now have improved at the game.
Many thanks
Miss H Wallace

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