EPQ Workshop - 25 September 2019

Published: Friday, 27 September 2019.
EPQ Workshop - 25 September 2019

Dr Becki Nash from the University of Southampton visited Braintree Sixth Form on 25 September 2019, to provide key skills workshops for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) candidates.

She was engaging throughout and answered any questions that the students put forward. This workshop made up a part of the taught skills aspect of the EPQ. These are a mandatory part of the course, making up 30 hours of the total course time. This gives students the essential skills to complete their level three qualification to a high level.

The EPQ is an optional course for Year 13 students that takes place as an enrichment option. The EPQ is a course designed to extend and develop students' skills in independent research and project management. These are essential at further education, as well as post degree level.  

Universities value the EPQ with high regard as it allows for students to go to university with enhanced skill levels above other students. In some cases, universities have given improved university offers based on students completing an EPQ to a high level.

Dr Nash is a member of the Learn with US Transition Programme at the University of Southampton and the workshop focused on an array of topics, including researching, credibility of resources, plagiarism, referencing, time management, development of a research question, reflecting upon their work, research methods, ethics related to primary research and maintaining motivation throughout. All of these are crucial if the students wish to be able to access the highest of the assessment objectives.

The feedback from students was really pleasing. Here are some quotes from students who were in attendance.

“I really enjoyed Wednesday’s session as it gave us a lot of information in such a short amount of time, everything that was said really stuck in and has motivated me more to continue with the study.” Jade Flack

“It was very informative on how to write our EPQ and gave me a helpful insight into what university work and writing essays to a university standard will be like.” Ellie Lane

"The most recent EPQ session gave me a better insight into what is required to produce a successful project. It helped me to rethink my EPQ title in order to allow more critical analysis and this will help me to create a question that allows me to access higher marks. I am now more aware of where to access data and information to aid my project and realise the importance of using a range of sources to give more credibility to the final essay." Rebecca Moore

“I found Wednesday’s session really useful, particularly with how to give good evidence of my progress through the EPQ process, such as the literature review table.” Poppy Summers

The session was a great success and we will be looking to welcome this opportunity again for the next cohort of EPQ students.

Click here for a gallery of photos from the workshop.

Mr A Morris
EPQ Co-ordinator

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