F9’S Charity Cake Off Kicks Off Christmas

A splash of an idea, a spoonful of ambition, a pinch of creativity and a whole lot of charity.

Published: Tuesday, 17 December 2019.
F9’S Charity Cake Off Kick Off Christmas

Monday 16 December 2019 saw the inaugural F9 festive cake baking event organised to raise money for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity. The charity, chosen by the Head of House Mrs Wallace is dedicated to supporting people whose lives are touched by cancer.

The competition was fierce with several imaginative festive bakes on offer, from a cake fashioned to replicate a life like hot chocolate mug to reindeer cupcakes.  There were many festive, mouthwatering treats on offer. Popular flavours like vanilla and chocolate were a personal favourite but the choice didn’t stop there. Apple icing and chocolate chip also made an appearance and after much deliberation, Aleyna Salih’s reindeers were voted the goods of goodies to the agreement of all.

In previous years, the tutor group nominated two students each Friday to bake an offering for the class. Just for fun. This year, however, F9 decided that the hosting of a charitable bake off in support of the House charity might be a good idea. Scheduled for the final week of term, a Christmas theme was chosen and suited the occasion perfectly, bringing a festive spirit to the end of term.

The contest also adorned with festive doughnuts, chocolate sponges, vanilla cupcakes and marshmallow treats was a roaring success with the wider student population and nearly all of bakes sold out quickly through morning break and lunch. All seemed to be very well received by those who bought them.

School staff also partook in the eating with all complimenting the organisation and the good cause for which it stood. The standard of confectionery also drew much praise and one in particular even commented that ‘it’s worth the weight gain, it’s for a good cause’.

Final takings for the day’s event reached a grand total of £34.51 which is no mean feat considering that cupcakes were offered at a very reasonable 50p per portion and the larger slices at £1.00.

All in all, a fabulous day was had by all and plans are already underway to organise another bake off next year.

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Grace Turner, Year 11 - F9

All the festive bakes
Aleyna Salih’s reindeers
Cake stall open for business at break-time!

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