Five Go Mad At Notley Library

Thursday, 21 September 2017.
Five Go Mad At Notley Library

Mystery, fun and lashings of Ginger Beer were to be found in the Library on the 20th of September, as students were invited to join us in our celebration of 75 Years of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.

The Famous Five are among Enid Blyton's best-loved creations and countless children have gone adventuring with them since the publication of “Five on a Treasure Island” in 1942, the first of twenty-one full-length adventures and numerous short stories.

Students from all Years were invited to take part in two activities in the Library, the “Secret Code Challenge”, where students had to find the hidden pictures around the library and then work out the secret code. Then they had to complete the “Famous Five Challenge Card” which included solving riddles, Animal tracking and testing physical skills – activities that George, Dick, Julian, Anne and Timmy the Dog would have loved! Once students had successfully completed both activities they received a special invite to the special Famous Five Picnic - Ginger Beer all round - hurrah! 

Thank you to everyone who came along and took part and a special thank you to Mrs. Simkins for her wonderful jam sandwiches! Such fun!

Click here to see a gallery of photos from the event.

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