Frantic Assembly Workshop

Published: Thursday, 26 September 2019.
Frantic Assembly Workshop

Hi, I'm Mollie your fellow friendly GCSE Drama student. For my GCSE performance, my group chose to do a physical theatre play, and multiple other GCSE groups have also chosen this style.

So, when I heard the theatre company, Frantic Assembly, were coming to do a physical theatre workshop I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Frantic Assembly is a theatre company that specialises in physical theatre and physical performances that shows emotion through the use of movement. Frantic Assembly also host a programme for 16-24-year olds called Ignition.

In this programme, you learn multiple physical theatre skills and at the end of a week you have a large performance. This programme helps young people find their individual and collective strength; the company want to bring together a dynamic group from across the UK with different backgrounds, skills and stories.

The workshop that was hosted in school was a 2-hour version of this Ignition programme, however all the people were students at Notley. The workshop was hosted by one of the company's practitioners where we learned multiple rehearsal and performance techniques as well as many different lifts.

In my opinion this workshop was extremely worth it and really useful to help develop my GCSE performance. Overall this experience was an absolute delight and I was extremely happy and thankful for this workshop. I truly believe that this experience will help me get the top grades for my performance and I strongly recommend looking into Frantic Assembly shows in an area near you.

Mollie McGowen

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