GCSE Geography Fieldwork Trips

Published: Friday, 29 March 2019.
GCSE Geography Fieldwork Trips

During March 2019, the GCSE geographers completed both their human and physical fieldwork trips in preparation for their upcoming exams where students will answer questions about the fieldwork they completed over the two days.

This was also an opportunity to revise unit content and give students additional case study material.

The first day saw students travel to Stratford where they compared the quality of life of people living on the Carpenters estate and East Village. This very clearly showed students the impact that regeneration can have on an area.

The second day, although delayed by two weeks due to Storm Gareth, saw students head to Walton on the Naze to study the effectiveness of coastal management. Here they compared three selected sites along the coastline.  Results from some of the fieldwork techniques were not as expected; the previous storms had a massive impact on the coastline and this will give the students interesting points to cover in their exam.

Miss K Wilcox
Head of Geography

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