Joshua Palmer - Jack Petchey Winner Jan 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017.
Joshua Palmer - Jack Petchey Winner Jan 2017
Joshua has an older brother who has severe Autism, Learning Difficulties and Epilepsy. 

Josh is brilliant with him, and they have a special bond that not even the fact that his brother doesn't communicate through sign language or speech can get in the way of, and is always there for him. He is an amazing help to the whole family, being there as a carer and helping whomever else is looking after him, and willing to sacrifice his own time and fun to help the rest of the family. All this whilst working hard at his school. There have been times he has woken to Paramedics in the house, or spent the weekend at a hospital and still manages to get homework done, all with a smile on his face and looking up to his big brother, whilst acting like the older brother. 

As Josh has grown up in this situation, he probably doesn't realise what a contribution he makes to the family, and that his levels of maturity and support at times of need are far beyond his 13 years.

He was nominated by his father, as he couldn’t think of a better way for Joshua to realise how special he is to all of them at home.

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