Lily Jarvis - Jack Petchey Winnner October 2018

Published: Thursday, 18 October 2018.
Lily Jarvis - Jack Petchey Winnner October 2018

Lily has invested a lot of her time in fundraising for issues close to her heart over the recent months. She took part in the Race for Life Pretty Muddy Kids event in memory of her grandfathers and has been doing lots of activities to increase her fundraising since then.

She got into the spirit of things and got so muddy during the Race for Life event that her photograph was taken and put on the front cover of the Essex Chronicle! She is passionate about helping wildlife and has just received an RSPB Wildlife Champion award for campaign work she did to support the RSPB Albatross Appeal. She had collection boxes for used stamps in her primary school as well as in Braintree Library. She created posters and a display to spread the word and contacted Essex Children’s’ University as well as her local MP to garner their support in collecting used stamps that the RSPB use to raise money to help save albatrosses.
Lily feels strongly about family and has been buying items from the Braintree Food Bank shopping list from her pocket money and has been donating them to help families in need each week. We are delighted to recognise her efforts and show her that these do really do make a difference.

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