Matthew Freeman - Jack Petchey Winner Sept 2017

Thursday, 19 October 2017.
Matthew Freeman - Jack Petchey Winner Sept 2017

Matthew was nominated for the Jack Petchey after a member of staff saw him at Parkrun. Every Saturday he is usually volunteering and often taking photos of the runners.

When he runs, he will stay to help clear down or arrive early for set up. He has developed a keen interest in photography and often contributes to Parkrun in that capacity. He regularly volunteers for Great Notley Junior Parkrun on Sunday mornings also. Matthew has volunteered far more than the purple “25 times a volunteer” t-shirt suggests. 

Matthew is a kind and considerate young man and at school we have been very impressed with his ability to remain positive and focussed throughout even though he has experienced difficult personal circumstances. His examination results were fantastic and he continued to support the library throughout his study leave and took a keen interest in assisting younger members of his tutor group via the vertical tutoring structure.

Mrs Osborn and Mrs Simkins, the librarians, talk of his unique sense of humour, and how he will always say something that makes them laugh; and he is looked up to by the younger student librarians. He has been a positive role model especially for the more vulnerable students and has always been willing to get involved in a number of projects and events in the library, for example the Children in Need Fayre for 2015, the Scholastic Book Fayre and end of term events to name just a few. Matthew is always helpful to other students and brings a calmness to the library even when it is really busy. 

We are so pleased with his achievements in his GCSEs and we are confident he will go on to be as successful in his A levels.

Well done Matthew!

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